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I am sure, you might be knowing a lot of exercises regarding CHEST. But… are you aware about the exercises which are better as compared to others? Why should you prefer one exercise over the other? I mean, lets say there are 10+ different exercises, we select 4-5 of them and we more or less stick to them for a long period of time. Although we mix and match but there are few of them who gets repeated every time ! Isn’t  it?

[Every body is different, and our muscles react in their own ways to exercises. Our decision of selecting exercises should be based on our goals and not on over the counter freely available advices and definitely not on the random videos we see. We must assess our body and select the exercises in alignment with our goals.]

Human chest (with regard to bodybuilding) can be divided in the following parts.


Comprehensive exercise list for Chest. Can you do them all every training session ?

The following exercises have stood the test of time and should be included by every weightlifters.

Pectoral Major.  The biggest part of the Chest, hence the name. A chest training session is incomplete without activating the Major.

Exercises for the Pectoral Major are.

Incline Dumbell Press
People go wrong here.
Incline Bench Press


There are exercises which target the Inner Pectorals, Outer Pectoral , and Middle Pectoral (if you would consider the Mid part of the chest).

flat db press chest
Flat Dumbbell Press
Flat Bench press & Dumbbell Flys


dumbell pullover
Dumbbell Pullover

Pectoral Minor or Lower peck.

Decline Dumbbell Press
decline barbell
Decline Barbell Press

Exercises  worth including the above list are

  1. Pushups (weighted)
  2. Parallel Dips chest version
  3. Cable crossovers


My typical Chest workout routine includes

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press 4×10
  2. Flat Bench Press              3×10
  3. Decline Dumbbell Press 3×10
  4. Weighted Pushups          3×10
  5. Dumbbell Pullover          3X10
  6. Dips Chest version          3×10
  7. Cable crossover               3×10

Hope you are now aware about the various exercises out there for Chest. Do keep them mixing up every few months and you will soon realize which exercise works best for you.

Stay Motivated & Happy Lifting \m/


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